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exterior of front of dolce lusso salon and day spa
exterior of front of dolce lusso salon and day spa

Whenever you’re looking for a hair stylist in North & South Carolina, look no further than Dolce Lusso! With their team of skilled and talented hair stylists, you will feel and look your best. Using their expertise, they can help you create a style that is uniquely yours. Also, as a facial spa facility, Dolce Lusso offers a relaxing, serene space where you can indulge in soothing, rejuvenating treatments.

Additionally, massage services from Dolce Lusso can make it easier to cope with the daily stresses of life by calming your mind and body. You can improve your overall wellness by visiting a salt room because the salt particles help cleanse your airways, boost your immunity, and reduce inflammation. Salt therapy can relieve asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues naturally.

Embrace Relaxation in a Dreamy Setting


tubes of hair dye on shelves

Make your hair look great! Dolce Lusso has a team of professionals with the proper training, experience, and creativity to help you look and feel your best.


massage room with massage table and calming decorations

Reduce your stress with Dolce Lusso massage services. Their skilled team is ready to provide you with a relaxing, pleasant, and wonderful experience!

Skin Care

spa services waiting room with comfy chairs and small tables

Keep your skin looking amazing. At Dolce Lusso, you can receive a wide range of treatments that will help you achieve your skincare goals.


pedicure chairs and cabinets

Enjoy healthy and beautiful nails. Dolce Lusso experts are more than qualified to take care of your hands and toes professionally.

Makeup & Lashes

makeup and lashes stations at spa

Get ready for your special occasions with the help of skilled pros. Dolce Lusso offers top-quality makeup and lash services.


waxing room with table and hot wax machine

Ensure your waxing experience is a good one. Rely on the team at Dolce Lusso to handle the task for you. You’ll enjoy excellent results!


hydrafacials service room

Trust Dolce Lusso’s pros to help you achieve clearer, smoother skin by removing dirt and oil buildup from your pores with hydrafacial treatments.

Celluma Therapy

celluma therapy room

Improve your skin’s health. Dolce Lusso provides painless and effective led light treatments that guarantee outstanding results.

Hair Extensions

room at salon with hair extentions on wall

Dolce Lusso offers hair extension services to customers in North Carolina. If you would like to add length to your locks, this is the perfect place!

Salt Room

relaxing salt therapy room

Unwind and relax while improving your health. Dolce Lusso’s salt room is the perfect place to enjoy this pleasant experience.

Personalized Attention in a Relaxing Environment

Taking care of yourself is important. At Dolce Lusso, you can get dependable salon services for many needs. You can enjoy celluma light therapy which can help improve skin conditions. You can come in for a manicure, pedicure, or both, and rest assured that you’ll receive excellent nail services to keep your nails healthy.

Also, if you ever need a professional makeup artist in the area, you can rely on Dolce Lusso. Their team is ready to get you looking your best. They’ll reduce the stress of trying to get ready on your own. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy while someone else takes care of your makeup.

In addition, with hair extensions, you can find a great way to boost your locks during the growing-out process. You can change the length, thickness, or style of your hair. Trust Dolce Lusso’s experts and enjoy the results. If you’re looking for other forms of hair removal that don’t leave you with a lot of stubble, waxing salons like Dolce Lusso have the best techniques for different body parts.

chair and mirror stations at dolce lusso salon

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