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Rely on Highly-Trained Professionals

A Waxing Salon Serving in the North & South Carolina Area

Waxing is one of the most common beauty procedures, but you should rely on a professional when doing it. Without the proper training or tools, it can become a painful experience. Lucky for you, at Dolce Lusso, their team is more than qualified to assist you. If you’re in the North or South Carolina area, reach out to Dolce Lusso to schedule a service. 

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Receive Waxing Services from Dolce Lusso Experts

They Can Provide You With the Following:

  • Brow: $18
  • Underarm waxing: $25
  • Lip waxing: $12
  • Chest: $45+
  • Cheek: $12
  • Back waxing: $45+
  • Chin: $12
  • Half leg: $40
  • Full leg waxing without bikini: $70
  • Full leg with bikini: $105
  • Bikini waxing: $35
  • Brazilian waxing: $60+
  • Half arm: $25+
  • Full arm: $40+
  • Brow and lip combo: $30
  • Nose: $8

NOTE: Pricing may vary depending on the time and wax service required. Exact pricing is determined upon a complimentary consultation with your service provide

Become Your Better Self!

First-Class Services Guaranteed

Discover what Dolce Lusso can do for you by contacting their team.