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Hydrafacial treatments are a great way to get a deep clean feel without the harshness of other methods. They use the power of water to help your skin look and feel its best. This is one of the most powerful, non-invasive skin resurfacing treatments available today. Besides cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, hydrating, and protecting the skin from free radicals, it also delivers moisturizing serums. Nonetheless, it’s important to receive this service only from qualified professionals. At Dolce Lusso, you can find a team of skilled pros ready to provide you with the service you deserve. If you’re in the North or South Carolina area, get in touch with them today.

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Hydrofacials are a skin-rejuvenating treatment that combines water and essential oils to provide deep cleansing and hydration to the skin. They can be performed on the face, neck, arms, and hands. Hydrofacials are great for those who suffer from dry skin or sensitive skin as they will leave your skin feeling softer and smoother than before. Also, with an acne hydrafacial, you’ll be able to clear up your skin from acne breakouts by removing excess oil. 

The steps of a hydrafacial are:

  • Cleanse and Peel
  • Extract and Hydrate
  • Infuse and Protect

If you’re looking for a way to treat your skin without having to do any extra work, then a hydrafacial is just what you need. Whether it’s an hydrafacial for acne or just to pamper your skin. Its benefits include improved clarity, smoother texture, and reduced signs of aging. Plus, the treatment also stimulates collagen production and increases blood flow. Get in touch with Dolce Lusso to learn more about their services in North & South Carolina.

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