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Giving Back to The Community

Dolce Giving Back

Dolce Lusso recognizes the importance of helping the community by giving their time and treasure to help those in need. This company has helped with toy drives, provided products for children’s hospitals, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts, and sponsored local sports teams.


Safe Passage: A Domestic Peace Program

Each quarter, Dolce Lusso supports Safe Passage by offering complimentary hair and nail services to those in the Safe Passage Program. Safe Passage provides supportive services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse in York, Chester, Lancaster, and Union counties. EMPOWER THE SURVIVOR. ELIMINATE THE ABUSE. ENGAGE THE COMMUNITY. ENGENDER CHANGE.

Bravery Bags

A Bravery Bag is full of items to support families with a child in the hospital after heart surgery or other heart procedures. When a child needs heart surgery or procedure, the whole family must be very brave – the child, the parents or caregivers, and any siblings. The Bravery Bag contains items that help the family have courage and strength through this time of crisis to know they are not alone. Dolce Lusso sees patients from age 16 up to their late 90s. Patients deal with all types of cancer – breast, colon, brain, leukemias, lymphomas, and myelomas. Unfortunately, their diagnosis and treatment require somewhat of a lifestyle change. Some lose their hair or have skin issues, while others experience nausea and vomiting. Many go through depression and anxiety. Patients come once a month, while some may be in the hospital 3 times a week. Bravery Bags are a way to connect to the “outside world” and patients. Dolce Lusso offers support by quarterly raising funds or bringing in items to stuff bags to give patients, along with a postcard with encouraging notes, scriptures, quotes, etc.

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childrens attention home

Children’s Attention Home

The mission of Children’s Attention Home of Rock Hill is to provide a safe and nurturing home for abused and neglected children. Dolce Lusso helps them grow from their past and into their future. The Dolce staff takes monthly care of the children’s hair and skin care needs.

Supporting Earth Month

Since the early days of Aveda, providing and protecting clean water has been a major passion.  Dolce Lusso has embraced that same passion. Each year, they partner with a local organization with one goal in mind: to make the world better. This year, they are working hard to raise funds for the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation and Charity: Water. Both organizations seek to change the lives of others by providing clean water drastically. When a community has access to clean water, health can improve, access to food is increased, local economies grow, children can spend more time in school, and the cycle of poverty is ultimately eliminated. Dolce Lusso asks their guests to round up their bills, purchase limited edition Aveda products, and purchase their own ‘Earth Month Plants. Any amount and effort, no matter how small, will go a long way!

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